Happy Pitmen's Day!

Sunday, August 28, 2016



The last Sunday of the summer traditionally marks the Pitmen's Day and the Day of the city of Donetsk

For a coal-mining region these holidays are inseparable. The Pitmen are a symbol of Donbass. These strong, courageous, brave people, who are making true heroic deeds every day. On this day we pay tribute to the hard and dangerous work of the miners. It is a great honour and pride for our club to carry the name of Shakhtar Donetsk. The capital of the pitmen's region has the most loyal and beloved fans, and this is where our home is - the Donbass Arena. We feel your support and thanks to it we will overcome any difficulties.

On this holiday, FC Shakhtar's president Rinat Akhmetov addressed representatives of the mining profession and all the residents of Donetsk:

– For more than a century, our country has been proud of the miners. It is a peaceful labour, it is a heroic labour and the most honourable labour. Today, I want to congratulate all the miners and thank them for their high level professionalism, for the warmth and light they provide every day to every household. We're all accustomed to it, we take it for granted, but behind it is hard work in difficult conditions with a risk to life. 24 hours a day. There is a need for coal on a daily basis, everybody needs coal. Therefore, the Pitmen's Day is a universal, national holiday. And for Donetsk it's a double celebration. Dear compatriots, I congratulate you on the Day of the City and the Pitmen's Day. I wish peace, happiness and prosperity for our native land!

All the players, coaches and staff of FC Shakhtar join the wishes of the president and congratulate everyone on the Day of the City and the Pitmen's Day!

Tonight, Shakhtar will come out for the match with Stal in jerseys featuring the "Happy Pitmen's Day" lettering on the chest.