Fonseca: Spanish teams are very strong

Monday, December 12, 2016



Head coach of the Pitmen reflects on the Europa League Round of 32 draw

- Paulo, what’s your take on the draw results?
- There were no easy teams. Perhaps some of them were more preferable than the others. In fact, the Spanish clubs are very strong. We got tough opponents. Celta have extensive experience in European competitions, so we are facing a tough encounter.

- Shakhtar are playing the first leg away. Will the winter-break training based around that?
- Yes, we will look at and examine the situation. Our training camp will take place in Portugal. We will try to stay closer to the game venue and then fly there. We need to prepare well for the meetings, because the opponents are really tough.

- What do you make of the Spanish football? How well do you know it?
- In Spain, they have one of Europe's top leagues, maybe even the strongest. They have balanced teams playing there. I can also point out that Celta have been progressing in recent years, also performing well in the La Liga. I don’t have a shade of doubt that we are facing difficult games with the tough opponents.