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Palkin: We must make it past this team

Monday, December 12, 2016



FC Shakhtar CEO Sergei Palkin commented on the outcome of the Europa League Round of 32 draw for Futbol 1 channel live

- By and large, all the Spanish teams are pretty tough. Therefore, we might like to play some other opponents at this stage. But in our situation, you, probably, have perfectly seen that today, in Nyon, they have praised our club saying that Shakhtar is the only side among all the participants in the Champions League and the Europa League, who have won all of their group stage games. At the moment, our run of form is good enough, so we must make it past this team and advance to the next round.

- Experts say that this very stage may be the most difficult for Shakhtar, as the team will approach the games against Celta without any match practice...
- Yes, naturally. So, we will compensate for that through the friendly games we are going to have as part of our winter training camp.

- Will the fact that exactly 16 years ago the Pitmen locked horns with the same Spanish club in the UEFA Cup, affect  the upcoming clash in terms of motivation?
- I do not think so. Most importantly, we should do our job and get ready for this encounter. We all see that Celta finished the league season in the sixth spot last year, thus earning a Europa League berth. This year, they have been performing around the tenth spot. Of course, we should consider all those things, analyse them and make it further.

- What will Shakhtar do during this coming transfer period: Can we expect the acquisition or someone, on the contrary, will be sold?
- I think we will not have such an active transfer policy. If we do, it will be just one or two people at the very most.