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Pyatov: We thoroughly prepare for Stal

Thursday, December 1, 2016



On December 1, the Pitmen started preparing for the Ukrainian Premier League Round 17 game against Kamenske-based Stal

Before midday, the team customarily gathered at Sviatoshyn base. Today's session began with a minute’s silence in memory of those killed in a horrific plane crash in Colombia. Then the Orange-and-Blacks had their standard ninety-minute session. Facundo Ferreyra and Eduardo still train individually.

After the session, Shakhtar goalkeeper Andriy Pyatov answered the questions from shakhtar.com.

- Andriy, the match against Dnipro was the 327th for you at Shakhtar. This indicator allowed you to join the club’s top 10 players in terms of the number of appearances. What does this result mean to you?
- For me the team performance is always the most important thing. Most importantly, Shakhtar have been winning and showcasing spectacular football. Of course, it’s nice to be ranked at the same level with the club legends. Everyone knows how devoted I am to Shakhtar. I have been here for many years now, and, hopefully, I will continue playing and pleasing the fans.

- You’ve been at Shakhtar for 10 years. For how many more years, do you think, you can play?
- Everything depends on me and the coach. It will be just as the mentor decides. I have never considered myself to be number one at Shakhtar. We, the goalkeepers, contribute to the same matter, and whoever takes to the pitch, we always support him. After all, we receive medals together, achieving the result together. I have never concealed the fact that my dream is playing for as long as possible. But it is important to act in the way to help the team.

- On Sunday, you are facing the last but one league meeting this year. How are you preparing for the match against Stal?
- We are facing a tense encounter. We can remember the first leg, when we managed to score the only goal and win it just in the very end. We are preparing very seriously, because Stal would want to rehabilitate themselves since they are currently going through an unsuccessful period. It is also important how we will build our game on Sunday.

- Kamenke-based team have been displaying quite organised game this season. What should we watch out for?
- I'll tell you just one thing: they do not shoot the ball just anywhere. They have a foreign coach who also tries to instil in Stal some European playing style. The players try to advance through passing and combine on the pitch.

- Stal players said in an interview that they are ready to fight Shakhtar and that you shouldn’t eaxpect just a walk in the park in Lviv. What is Andriy Pyatov’s answer to that?
- Of course, every team tune in and come out to claim a positive result. I can say that Stal won’t find it easy either.

- You are facing the important games against Braga and Dynamo ahead. Do you have enough strength to finish the season at the same victorious pace?
- I'm confident about it. We are just fine, with everyone used to numerous flights and games. The players understand that they have just two more weeks to work, give their all and comfortably go on vacation. Believe me, complacency can’t be further from our minds at the moment.