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Kovalenko is best player in November, Marlos – in December

Wednesday, December 21, 2016



Shakhtar fans have picked the best players over the last two months

In November, the midfielder Viktor Kovalenko gained the lead, with 211 football fans’ votes in his favour. The Orange-and-Blacks' supporters remember the 20-year-old Ukrainian’s brilliant performance in the away clash vs Dnipro, when he grabbed the brace. Besides, Kovalenko was recognized as the best player of the 16th round of the Ukrainian Premier League.

Maksym Malyshev and Bernard took lower positions on the November list. The Brazilian ran only a 5-point deficit for claiming the second spot: the Ukrainian midfielder won 192 votes, while his teammate got 187. It is worth mentioning that fans have selected Malyshev as one of the best players for the second month in a row, which tells of his stable performance. The opinion poll numbered 2,419 voters.

In December, the best player's laurels went to Marlos. 328 Shakhtar supporters cast their votes for him. The Brazilian showcased brilliant performance at the end of the calendar year. He proved to be one the most active Shakhtar players on the pitch.

Eduardo and Viktor Kovalenko took the second and third spots, with 299 and 291 votes accordingly, based on the opinion poll held on shakhtar.com, with 2,988 respondents involved.