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Shevchuk: Shakhtar have the best fans

Tuesday, December 27, 2016



The legendary Shakhtar defender has given a short interview for shakhtar.com

– Vyacheslav, your playing career at Shakhtar is over. What are you feeling now?
– I have been playing for Shakhtar for 16 years. I moved to the club at the early stages of its development; look what progress they have made! The Donetsk side are being respected not only in Ukraine, but also all over the world. The club has brought up so many top footballers who are playing for the leading European teams. Thanks to what have they succeeded? They have made it thanks to the club structure: president, management, administrative staff, and all the employees. And thanks to our fans, of course, as Shakhtar supporters are the best.

– You made your debut in 2000. Now, the year 2016 is departing. What is the secret of your longevity as a player?
– The main thing is professionalism. Such human qualities as self-discipline, self-cultivation, and teamwork are also important.

– Some of your greatest impressions must have been associated with Donbass Arena. What is it like to be playing at this stadium?
– I will have many fond memories of Donbass Arena. In my view, it is the best stadium in Europe. I hope and believe that we will return to our beautiful arena, where Shakhtar had been always displaying a great performance. It is not my own dream only; it is the dream of our fans.

– Shakhtar have a numerous army of supporters throughout the world, with a lot of them living in Donetsk. What would you like to wish them?
– First of all, I wish them health and happiness; moreover, I want them to believe that there will be peace on our native Donetsk soil in the very near future. May all our supporters who had to leave their homes come back and hear the UEFA Champions League theme song at the Donbass Arena again.