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Butko: We always score goals

Friday, December 2, 2016



Shakhtar defender told the reporters about preparation for the upcoming game vs Stal at the open training session

- How did you react to cancellation of the сup tie against Poltava?
- In my view, they did right by cancelling the meeting. We went out onto the field of the stadium in Poltava, and, to be honest, it was impossible to play there, many players might suffer injuries.

- Will the match cancellation affect the team fitness?
- I don’t think so. Our schedule is still pretty busy, with games once in three days. So we are in good form.

- Can we then say that Shakhtar have got more strength saved for the league?
- Maybe. Especially as the pitch in Poltava wasn’t actually that good at all.

- In what mode are the Pitmen preparing for the match against Stal?
- In the regular one. The only difference is no game in the middle of the week.

- The first leg was pretty tough, with the winner being scored only in the end. What can we expect from this encounter?
- Stal have a good team. And you know how other clubs prepare for Shakhtar. Therefore, it won’t be easy. Besides, the opponents have a new coach, with the charges being likely to prove themselves to him. I can only say that we will approach the game very seriously and we'll do everything to win it.

- Stal score very little. Can we assume that Shakhtar will rely mostly on attacking, with defensive performance being secondary?
- I wouldn’t say so. Our main goal in every match is to produce some confident defensive performance and concede no goals. Only then we think about attacking. The more so as we always score.

- Is the game vs Dynamo on your mind?
- Of course it is. We’ve been thinking about it for quite a while. Still, Dynamo are our main challengers, and we should beat him.

- Will it be a title decider?
- I don’t know, we still have many games ahead. Plus the league sides will be divided into two groups of six teams after this winter. Although we can secure a significant lead before the spring, so we will be preparing thoroughly to win the last game this year.

- How do your Brazilian players react to the current weather?
- They are fine. Yes, it's cold, but what can we do about it?! They won’t go back home anyway...

- In such conditions, Ukrainian footballers have more chances to play...
- I don’t think anyone has an advantage due to the weather. Everyone must adjust to the conditions existing at the moment.

- What do you do to take care of your health in this frosty weather?
- Everyone prepares differently. You can rub stuff into your skin, or warm up your muscles at the fitness training. The main thing is to be available for training and for the game.