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Malyshev: Stal will try to get points off us

Friday, December 2, 2016



Shakhtar midfielder answered the reporters' questions at the open training session

- Are you ready for the upcoming match against Stal?
- We have a training today, another one tomorrow and the game itself on Sunday. So, basically, we are ready.

- How did you fill the break caused by cancelling the game in Poltava?
- We came back to Kyiv, had some training. Of course, it’s a pity that we didn’t play against Poltava. Unfortunately, the pitch quality didn’t allow us to play there. Currently, we have been preparing for Stal.

- In what form are you approaching the match?
- Everyone is in good shape. We are facing a difficult match, since Stal will try their best to get points off us. But we are ready both physically and mentally. Being set to win only.

- Since the season start, Shakhtar have had numerous games on different fronts, spending much time on the plane. Are you tired three games away from your holidays?
- No, that's all right. We still have three games, but we are going to finish the year experiencing some good emotions and win every remaining game. We should complete our job and go on vacation with clear conscience.

- In the last game, the Pitmen will take on Dynamo. In fact, one half of the season is over, and the weather is not quite favourable for football. How can you play in such circumstances?
- It's the game when everything else fades into insignificance. I think that both the opponents and we will be fully prepared. No one feels tired, as this is the meeting between two strong teams, with each of them trying to win it.

- Does the fact that the season enters this kind of winter affect your personal fitness (and of the team as a whole)?
- That’s no problem. We are professionals and must be prepared for any circumstances. So we don’t have any serious issues with that.