New Year greetings from Rinat Akhmetov

Saturday, December 31, 2016



Dear friends,The year 2016 is drawing to a close

This year, Shakhtar has marked its 80th foundation anniversary. This year, Shakhtar has warmly thanked Mister and welcomed the new ambitious coach Paulo Fonseca. This year saw Shakhtar produce a great many outstanding and spectacular performances. But the fact that this year we have claimed the Ukrainian League silver medals really hurts me. Our ambition is winning the gold medals only. Therefore, Shakhtar does not give up, does not lose heart and moves just forward.

I am confident that difficulties promote an individual’s ability to overcome them. This means that we leave the silver medals and the Champions League frustration in the departing year. Meanwhile, we see in the upcoming year being the domestic league leaders and having spectacular Europa League wins under our belt.

Shakhtar’s goals remain the same for the year 2017 – to claim wins, to keep the gold medals in our hands, to play beautifully and worthily on the European stage. These days, we have everything needed for that: the strong and ambitious players, the strong and ambitious coach, the strong and ambitious management and, most importantly, our fans. It is for them that we play and do not give up.

My friends, on the New Year’s eve I want to wish each of you sound health, happiness and well-being. May you and your families have peace and prosperity.

Happy New Year!

With deepest respect,

Rinat Akhmetov
FC Shakhtar president