Fonseca: We need to work until the last moment

Sunday, December 4, 2016



Press conference of the Pitmen's head coach after their meeting with Stal

- Good evening. I think it's a well-deserved victory. We had some difficulties, because it is always hard to play against the teams who just park the bus. In the first half, there were next to no opportunities to break through their defence. When 11 players just drop deep down their penalty area, it always complicates our task. Nevertheless, I think it's an absolutely deserved victory, and despite the fact that we could score more goals, it’s still pleasant.

- Do you have any concerns before the matches against Braga and Dynamo related to the fact that the Pitmen have created just few really clear-cut chances today?
- No, I would have been worried if we hadn’t won today. It's true that we did not create as many chances as you’ve got used to. I must say once again: it is not easy at all to play against the teams who just park the bus like that. But I would only be worried if we had not scored and conceded goals. This did not happen, so I am quite happy with the fact.

- What can prevent Shakhtar from becoming the champions this season?
- It’s clear that we have certain lead, which I think is important. But I'm not the kind of person who thinks that everything has been decided, also being over and in our hands. We have quite tough opponents – Dynamo Kyiv. We will still face difficulties before the end of the league season, and we are fully prepared for them. By no means should we get complacent and think that everything is over and done with. We need to work until the last moment. Only then we will achieve our main goal of claiming the league title.