5 December – International Volunteer Day. Address by Rinat Akhmetov

Monday, December 5, 2016



Dear colleagues and friends, International Volunteer Day is a day of courageous and patient people with big hearts

Why are volunteers always ready to help – every day, every hour, every minute? Because they feel true empathy for other people’s misfortunes and suffering. Because they perceive the pain of all human beings as their own and do everything to relieve that pain.

Today, I want to say a big thank you to all of you – for being a part of the Humanitarian Center’s team, for not pitying yourself and saving daily human lives, the highest value. You are a support for hundreds of thousands of the most vulnerable residents of Donbass – children, the elderly and disabled. Our countrymen would not have survived without you.

We all cherish our dreams and hopes. We dream of peace to return to our homes soon and hope that Donbass will be happy again. I am confident that this will surely happen.

With deepest respect,
Rinat Akhmetov