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Butko: It won’t be easy

Wednesday, December 7, 2016



Shakhtar defender answered the questions from Ukrainian and Portuguese reporters

Bohdan, who would you mention when analysing the opponents?
- It’s difficult to highlight just one player. I would note Braga, primarily as a team. Tomorrow, it won’t be easy for us.

- Can we say that the forthcoming match gives an opportunity to prove to the coach your right to a place in the starting line-up?
- Of course. Any time, when the coach trusts you by fielding you, you must prove that you deserve to play. I think every player thinks so. Especially in a tournament like the Europa League, where it is very important to perform well.

- What do you associate Portugal with, not taking football into account?
- Hard to tell. I've been here only once, when I came here with the Academy of Shakhtar.

- Is the fact that the team will not conduct a training session on the opponents’ pitch unusual for you or, in this situation, you just don’t need it?
- I don’t see any problem at all. I think the field which we take to tomorrow, will be good. And if the turf is top quality, it won’t prevent us from showing some good football then. As for the weather, it's tough when the difference varies from minus ten to plus thirty. Now it’s quite comfortable here. I think that nothing will interfere with a good performance.

- In continuation of the previous question. As the players better to come to the match on the same day as it is now, or three, as it was before when Mircea Lucescu?
- We currently have a pretty busy schedule, many of the guys and the coaching staff have families. So coming for three days, probably, is not easy. In my opinion, the ideal solution is when you arrive one day in advance, train, and then play.

- How do you like working with Paulo Fonseca, and what new things has he brought to the team?
- It's hard to say. I was not in the squad under Mircea Lucescu since I played at a different club. As for Paulo Fonseca, it is very comfortable to work with him. He trusts me, and that’s the most important thing.

- Do you sleep well at all? The head coach has left the older ones at home and tomorrow he is going to give a chance to the youngsters. But Braga are not, in fact, Konyaspor, they have motivation for the upcoming game. Aren’t you afraid to be pertinent to the unexpected defeat? Do you have any emotions? As you seem very calm...
- I'm always like that, basically. But why worry? Everything is fine in our team, we win every game and are going to win this time. Defeat is out of the question. Regarding the older ones – it’s up to the coach to decide who goes and who doesn’t. And I sleep well.

- Did Shakhtar players follow Dynamo’s meeting in the Champions League yesterday? And do you keep in mind the Monday’s game?
- Of course, we always follow the opponents. Especially our major rivals in the title race. We are closely studying Dynamo’s performance, because this is very important. For us it will be a big plus if we defeat Braga tomorrow and will approach the encounter with the Kyiv side in a good mood.

- Not a serious question at all. Have you ever tried ‘braga’ (home brew) and explained to your coaches what the word means in Ukraine?
- No, because I don’t quite understand what it means myself. But it’s better to beat the opponents named Braga than to drink such beverages.