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Fonseca: Our goal is winning

Wednesday, December 7, 2016



Press conference of the Pitmen’s head coach before the match in Braga

- Paulo, do you have some rough idea of how the audience will react to you tomorrow?
- Good evening. Before answering, I would like to say how happy I am to be back here, in this city and in this stadium, and to see so many familiar faces. I spent a whole year here, which left me some wonderful, fond memories. Of course, I'm delighted to see everyone here. As for your question, I hope the audience will accept me well. I think it will be so, because there is no motive for them to say bad things about me. But all that is relevant only before the starting whistle. As soon as it sounds, everyone should perceive me as an opponent, because we are the ones.

- Today you had an open training session in Kyiv at 12 below zero. In Portugal, the weather is completely different.Do you see any problem due to such temperature difference?
- I can honestly say this: I personally felt very cold. It's hard to train like that. But I think that the team will not be affected in any way. Here, the weather is excellent, as well as the conditions for the match. As for the morning, I think it’s much more difficult to play in such cold weather.

- You’ve arrived here with fifteen points and the secured top spot. Will Shakhtar play to win?
- Our major goal is winning tomorrow. I can confidently say that Shakhtar, basically, approach any game very seriously. So it will happen this time, despite the secured top spot in the group and the fact that on Monday we are facing a crucial game in the championship.

- Would you be happy if Braga also made it further in the Europa League? It would be interesting to watch this team in the next stage?
- Of course, I do not want to be a bad person and say something bad. I would be happy if Braga make it further. This is the team who have remained in my heart, and I would not mind their advancing to the next stage. However, tomorrow we will be rivals, so we hope to win only.

- You said earlier that you would give some match practice to the players who rarely appear in European competitions. Have you finalised the line-up?
- We already made rotation in the match against Konyaspor, and the team proved themselves in the best way possible. It's no secret: tomorrow I will also give a chance to the younger ones, as I fully trust them.

- Do you see a big difference in the playing style of the current Braga and the Braga you were in charge of last season? How do you like them this year?
- I had the opportunity to watch many games of Braga this season. Of course, they have changed with the arrival of new coach, displaying a slightly different football game. But the team produce some decent, good results. I think it would be unfair for me to make any comparisons now. Last season I was the coach, and this year Jose Peseiro has been working with Braga – let’s leave the team topic to him.

- You have come to the press conference with Bohdan Butko. Does this mean that tomorrow he will be fielded in the starting line-up or you just want to attract fans to the match?
- Yes. But don’t ask me about the players any more.

- The Spanish press has increasingly more information about Darijo Srna’s move to Barcelona. What can you say in this regard?
- Honestly, it depends not on me. We all perfectly understand how important Darijo is for Shakhtar. I hope he will not leave our club. However, I can say that we also heard the information.