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Fonseca: That’s the deserved result

Thursday, December 8, 2016



Press conference of the head coach of Shakhtar after the game in Braga

- Good win. That’s the deserved result, in spite of some difficulties of our young players, whom we have given the opportunity to show themselves in the Europa League today. There was a moment in the game when Braga started pressing high upfield, with some space exposed to us for launching an attack. It is always easier for us if this happens. Basically, I want to repeat that our victory is deserved one. Good game.

Six wins in six group stage games: until now only two Portuguese coaches managed that: Mourinho and Villas-Boas. You had a spell at Porto, also had a great season at Braga, and now you work fine at Shakhtar. What would you say about it?
- How can I comment on that? This is the result of our work – daily, long and hard. All that is not easily achieved. I think the team are putting in some great display. I can confidently say that I am a happy coach. Well done, guys: they give their all to the job, and it can’t but make me happy.

- What was your mood after learning that Gent scored against Konyaspor in the 94th minute and that Braga do not advance to the next stage?
- Of course, I feel sorry for them. There are many friends of mine there, with whom I worked, as well as my former players. That's exactly why I wanted them to make it further. Braga is a good club that deserves it. Yesterday I told you that we were certainly not going to participate in that and help them out. It’s a pity that it happened like that.

- Do you have a goal of winning the Europa League title this year?
- The main goal we are currently facing is claiming the Ukrainian League title. We have been focused on that. We do not like guessing at the future, so we try to win every game and move step by step. Hopefully we will reach the Europa League final and win it.

- Are there any opponents you would like to meet further in the Europa League? Or, on the contrary, would not want to?
- I do not quite know who have made it to the knockout stages, so I haven’t given it a thought yet. When we have the draw, then we will understand who play against us.

- What returning to this stadium is like for you? Did you feel some tense, negative attitude towards the head coach of Braga?
- I really enjoyed my coming back here. This is the club that has remained in my heart. Of course, I was glad to see many people and the stadium again. I liked it all very much. As for the atmosphere, I did not feel any negativity because I was fully focused on the match.

- Can we say that Dynamo Kyiv are the strongest opponents among the ones you have faced this season?
- They are the opponents who I very much respect, despite the fact that we are distant enough in the table in terms of points. Dynamo rank among the strongest teams we have played, I can’t say the strongest.

- What is the limit of Shakhtar’s ability? Do you feel what the Pitmen are capable of?
- We will try to advance as far as possible. As I have mentioned, our main goal this season is winning the league title. I hope that we have enough strength for that.

- You have experienced the great atmosphere in the stadium. What in this respect are you missing in Ukraine, compared to Portugal?
- It was a European club cup game, and their atmosphere in Ukraine is practically no different: the fans support the teams in the same way, the stadiums are filled. I think we shouldn’t currently complain of any lack of something in Ukraine.

- Today you have given young footballers – who don’t appear that often in such competitions – the opportunity to play. Are you pleased with the fact that the guys have shown themselves quite well and the team have won?
- Of course, I am very happy. My choosing these guys means that I trust them and place every bet on them. I think they will also play in the future. I will continue to give them the opportunity, if they go on working well and proving themselves at the top level.