Peseiro: Shakhtar is a team of champions

Thursday, December 8, 2016



Braga mentor answered the questions from reporters

- What do you think about being knocked out of the Europa League?
- It is hard to accept this, because we had a goal of advancing to the next round. But we try to keep a stiff upper lip. Shakhtar are a very strong team. Unfortunately, we managed to score only two goals, though we tried to attack continuously. We had numerous chances, but it makes no sense to talk about them as we never converted them. Of course, I'm disappointed with the result, still being happy with my players’ performance. The match was very difficult and tense. I think that our guys deserved to win, because they played with quality and heart. Meanwhile, Shakhtar is a team of champions. We really wanted to score, not losing heart, and the result could have been different. We could even win. In the second half we also had our chances, but the opponents have been very good, and we haven’t been strong enough to win.

- What do you think about the fans’ reaction?
- I understand how much they wanted us to win and advance further. I want to thank the fans for their support. There was a difficult atmosphere in the stadium, but I want to point out that, as a coach, I always have to stand by my team. I should not react to, let's say, the bad signs from fans. To be honest, I did not really believe that we could win 5-4. I understand the fans’ discontent, but I am on the side of my players. Now we are focusing on our next match - it will be very tough.