Guess the Score: winner supported the team in Braga

Friday, December 9, 2016



European competition trip with Shakhtar, an exclusive opportunity to communicate with the players and coaches and attend the match against Braga – all this had the winner of the Guess the Score contest Oleksandr Treshchev from Zaporizhya

He is the one who scored the greatest number of points in the predictors’ competition following the past season’s results. He went to Portugal together with the Pitmen to attend the Europa League game, and now he shares his impressions.

- I have been a fan of Shakhtar for as long as I can remember. For the first time my father took me to the stadium in 1979 for the match Shakhtar vs Dynamo Moscow. Our team claimed a 3-2 win, with one of the goals being scored by Vitaliy Starukhin. In 2009, I attended the UEFA Cup final triumph in Istanbul. I very much like the current Shakhtar. I am particularly impressed with the Brazilians’ performance: Marlos, Taison... I am also pinning my hopes on the club academy graduates, such as, for example, Andrii Boriachuk.

- Tell us about your winning the contest. How did you do it?
- I have been participating in the Guess the Score competition on the official website of FC Shakhtar for two years now. In the first season, I ranked among the top ten, managing to win it the following year. I managed to accurately predict the outcome of the match a few times. Thus, the match Shakhtar vs Volyn was held in my home city of Zaporizhya, I was present at the stadium and guessed the 4-0 scoreline right. I won a large number of points through correctly guessing the goalscorers. In the competition, I had been in the fifth spot for a long while, then in the second, and when I reached the top spot, I didn’t give it away then.

- What emotions did you experience when you learnt about your win?
- I experience many emotions during Shakhtar’s every game. Besides rooting for your favourite club, you are also excited about your prediction. I am happy that I managed to win just the trip - it's something I had long dreamed of! I attended the Pitmen’s pre-match training session, talked with the players, went to Portugal in the same plane with the team. It turns out that I got a kind of innermost experience which every fan wants to have. Of course, I got a good impression about the city, about the stadium. I was confident about Shakhtar’s win over Braga, registering a 2-1 win for the Pitmen in the prediction though. However, the most important thing is that my favourite team have won and made it to the knockout stages! I am grateful to the football club for such a unique trip. I wish Shakhtar good luck and  will be rooting for the Pitmen to win the domestic league and the Europa League.