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Marlos: Despite the fatigue, we are committed 100%

Friday, July 1, 2016



Shakhtar midfielder speaks on the pre-season training camp in the Netherlands

- Marlos, the first part of the training camp in the Netherlands is drawing to an end. What are your impressions?
- We're all in the middle of adaptation. The team has undergone dramatic changes. It is still a bit difficult to get used to this training rhythm. We always receive new information. Despite the fatigue, we are committed 100%.

- Considering the new format of the play, will your role on the pitch change?
- Of course, it will. We are now going to act using a completely different style. We need to adapt to the new manner of playing and understand the demands of the head coach as quickly as possible.

- What can you say about Paulo Fonseca? Is he easy to work with?
- He is a very strict coach. When you are on the pitch, he demands that you follow his line to a letter. He wants us to play more defensively, helping the defenders to take away the ball, to hold the position firmly. We do plenty of tactical work. Everyone understands that these are the fundamentals. I think, with time, we will get into it completely and it will not be so hard.

- You played in two friendly games during the training campHow do you feel on the pitch?
- The matches are held against the backdrop of fatigue. Sometimes it is rather hard to bring everything we did during training into the game. The opponents were good. I arrived to the camp a little later, since I had a daughter. But I trained a lot in Brazil, so I feel great.