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Fonseca: Shakhtar is progressing with each passing day

Monday, July 4, 2016



Shakhtar head coach gave an exclusive interview to shakhtar.com

- Paulo, which results based on the first stage of the training camp in the Netherlands can you announce?
- It went very well. You need to understand that the team is going through big changes now. All this time, we have been working mainly on organising the defence. I am satisfied with the players’ attitude and dedication. They quickly absorb the information.

- What can you say about the shape of the internationals who have joined the team and had several training sessions?
- Those players took part in Euro 2016, and then had eight days of rest. I would not say they are in bad shape. They need time to reach the level of the players who have been working with us from the very beginning of the training camp. But these guys are professionals. I'm sure they will not need more than a few days to catch up with the rest. The main difficulty is that they still do not fully understand our playing style, especially in defence where we have changed a lot. And I don't think there will be any problems with attacking play.

- Shakhtar has already had four test matches. Do you succeed in implementing everything that you practised in training?
- It is obvious that the players still have room to grow. We did not win our last game against Vitesse, but I'm not upset. The team dominated the field and spent most of the time on the opponent's half. We did not allow the Dutch to create any opportunities near our goal. Of course, there were parts of the game that I did not particularly like, but I'm pleased that the guys are getting better.

Five players have left the team. Are there any other changes planned by the end of the training camp?
- We currently have 27 field players and 4 goalkeepers. I cannot keep so many players. Of course, some will leave the team, but I have not decided yet as to who it will be. We do not have a specific number. We can retain some 23-24 outfield players and goalkeepers.

- Who would you like to see as your opponent in the Champions League qualifying round - Monaco, Steaua, Young Boys or PAOK?
- Honestly, I have not even thought about it. The strongest of the four is probably Monaco. Perhaps they are the ones I'd like to meet the least. But that is not what’s on my mind right now. I'm focused on our work today. First of all, we must think about the Super Cup game against Dynamo.