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Ordets: I managed to head it in

Thursday, July 7, 2016



Shakhtar defender speaks on the match against Club Brugge and preparation for the upcoming season

Ivan, your latest opponents were much more serious than the previous ones during the training camp in the Netherlands. What can you say about the game with the Belgian champions?
- The match turned out to be a difficult one. Everybody knew what kind of a team we were playing. Club Brugge attack well, trying to move forward quickly. We conceded the first goal after a ricochet, and the second one due to an error in midfield. But we could still win. I am glad that I managed to score. Bernard made a cross from a free kick, the ball ricocheted off one of the footballers and bounced to me. I had time to regroup and head it into the net.

- Does Paulo Fonseca hold any talks with the players after the game, discuss the mistakes that were made?
- No. We always have a short theory session before the match. The coach tells us how to play, how to close down the space to avoid gaps between defence and midfield lines. We need to stay close to each other. And, it goes without saying, we need to give the game our 100%. I think tonight or tomorrow we will analyse the game against Club Brugge during a theory session. This is when Paulo Fonseca will point out our mistakes.

- Do the players who had just arrived from their national teams understand Paulo Fonseca's vision of tactical formation?
- The head coach held a separate theory session for the defenders talking in detail about how to play, when to move out, how to move around the field. I think it will take just three or four days and the guys who came back from playing for their national teams will understand the game much better. They have not had much time for adapting, but they are top level footballers. They will figure everything out quickly.

- How do you rate your form? Are you ready for the start of the season?
- I am not 100% ready yet. But with every training, with every game I get better. I better understand my partners in defence. It is important to go through the whole training camp with the same dedication.