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Moreira: We will be ready before the competitive games

Sunday, July 10, 2016



Shakhtar fitness coach gave an interview to shakhtar.com

- Pedro, what’s the team’s current fitness level?
- In fact, it’s still early to assess the readiness for the upcoming season. We have passed the first stage, focusing on the strength exercises for the players. I think it should take us just another few days for the lads to be fully prepared for the start of the season.

- In what form have the internationals arrived? How difficult is it to make everyone equally ready?
- The guys have rested for just one week, so I think it's not the biggest loss. They are in decent physical shape. It’s much more important to teach them tactics, for the players to quicker understand new playing principles and for us to start implementing our ideas in the official matches.

- What will be your focus during the closing week of the training camp before the Super Cup tie?
- I must say that our whole preparation has been scheduled. We will dedicate the upcoming week to both tactics and fitness. Those things are interrelated. The better players prove themselves in muscle-building exercises, the sooner they will understand our performance requirements.