Shakhtar U21: two friendly matches

Monday, July 11, 2016



July 10 and 11 saw Shakhtar U21 play friendly games as part of the pre-season training

The first half of the game against Vinnytsya-based Nyva ended goalless, but after the break the charges of Valeriy Kryventsov capitalised on their chances and claimed a major win.

Shakhtar Donetsk U21 3-0 Nyva Vinnytsia

Goals for Shakhtar: Hlahola – 2, Avagimyan

Shakhtar: Sarnavskyi (Efanov, 46), Grachev, Sagutkin, Ichuaidze (Kuksenko, 75), Savin, Ignatenko, Senytskyy, Korobenko, Avagimyan, Hlahola, Yalovenko (Ivanov, 46)

In the match against the 2015/16 First League runners-up, Cherkassky Dnipro, the Pitmen had to level it. Shortly afterwards, Arabidze fired a spot kick into the back of the net. However, the opponents managed to score another goal and seal the win.

Shakhtar Donetsk U21 1-2 Cherkasskyi Dnipro 

Goal for Shakhtar: Arabidze (pen.)

Shakhtar: Hrytsenko, Kiryukhantsev (Ivanov, 65), Kacharaba, Bezuhlyi, Mihunov, Pikhalyonok, Zinkevych, Glushchuk, Arabidze (Yalovenko, 68), Adamenko, Arendaruk

A comment by the head coach of Shakhtar U21 team Valeriy Kryventsov:

- We entered the phase where the players need to play on the field for 90 minutes. Those friendlies are an opportune moment, as we have been playing some great senior sides. We praised the guys for the second half against Nyva: they did some quality work on the opponents’ half of the field, a large number of interactions and three goals scored. The players have fulfilled everything that was practised in training. In the match against Cherkassky Dnipro, with a reasonably good control of the ball and correct transitions, we missed the completely unnecessary goals. After the break, we were trying to change the course of the meeting, but the experienced opponents skilfully defended and launched dangerous counterattacks. In general, we received a lot of information and are preparing further.