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Fonseca: Hopefully, I will start with a win at Shakhtar

Thursday, July 14, 2016



Shakhtar head coach speaks about the upcoming Ukrainian Super Cup game

- Paulo, do you have such a sign in Portugal: the success of your career at a club depends on your first game there?
- I do not believe in such superstitions, as some things happened to me which prove otherwise. For example, at Porto my first game was successful, but then it all developed not the best way. It was the Portuguese Super Cup game. We won it, but then everything was not quite the way I wanted it. At some other clubs, I began with defeats, however the teams showed excellent results afterwards.

- How do you feel about the fact that your debut match involves Shakhtar’s archrivals?
- I do not fear it at all that we start the season with the match against Dynamo. My attitude is just neutral. The result of this meeting will not affect the entire following season at all. It's just a regular game against a strong team. I think Shakhtar will become even stronger over time. We will fight for the championship.

- How much time did it take you to study Dynamo?
- In fact, we’ve started that just recently. We watched some games of Dynamo, but not me personally, since my assistants take care of that. I am fully focused on the training process. We will scrutinise Kyiv’s performance during the last days of our preparation for the match.

- Three years ago, you won the Portuguese Super Cup with Porto. Is there anything in common for you between that match and the upcoming one?
- Those are completely different teams. The only thing I can remember is the joy of winning a prestigious trophy. Hopefully, at Shakhtar, I will also start with a win.

- The Super Cup tie will be held in Odesa. Do you know that the city is the Ukrainian humour capital? Will you be able to get a closer look at it?
- It all depends on whether we have time for that. Of course, we will try to see it and learn something new. I am delighted by the fact that it’s a city of good mood. Although, by the way, they told me that Shakhtar have been not that lucky in Odesa. I do not know whether it's true or not. If so, we will try to reverse this trend.