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Fonseca: Young Boys are among Switzerland’s strongest sides

Friday, July 15, 2016



The head coach of Shakhtar reflects on the results of the Champions League third qualifying round draw

- Paulo, what do you make of the draw outcome?
- Our upcoming opponents are among Switzerland’s strongest sides. They finished last season in the second spot. Young Boys feature high-profile players. Many may think that just it will be easier for Shakhtar to pass the way after they have been drawn against the Swiss club. But I do not think so. I know the Swiss football well enough. All their teams are very well-organised. I am convinced that we are facing two toughest games.

- In your coaching career, you've met with the opponents from Switzerland?
- Yes, last season, when I managed Braga, we played played against Sion, who were lower in the league table than Young Boys. To be honest, that game wasn’t easy at all for us, because the Swiss football is evolving all the time.

- Is the fact that Shakhtar are playing their first leg at home, in Lviv, of any significance at all?
- I do not think about that, because for me it does not matter where the first leg takes place, whether at home or away.

- Not so long ago you said that you did not want Monaco as your opponents. Shakhtar did not get that club. Can we say that you are happy with the draw?
- Yes, in general I am happy with the draw. Of all the clubs that we could get, Monaco are the toughest opponents. That’s why I wouldn’t want to meet them at this stage. But if we had to play against the team, we would be ready.