Fonseca: I have complete confidence in the guys

Sunday, July 17, 2016



Press conference of the head coach of Shakhtar after the meeting in Odesa

- First of all, I want to congratulate Dynamo Kyiv. They are the winners today. Congratulations to the officials team who did a great job, as well as the match organisers. Today was a very beautiful festival. People were happy. I want to thank the fans of Shakhtar and Dynamo, who perfectly well behaved and supported their teams. And I also want to congratulate the players of both teams. Today they have shown that the right, beautiful football pleases people and turns into a festival. As for the game, I believe we’ve caused Dynamo more danger today than they did to us. We've had a lot more chances. The game was well-built tactically. After conceding a goal, Dynamo reacted, but still did not create any dangerous chances near our goal. The opponents scored only owing to the corner. We also responded quickly and created two or three more chances near Dynamo’s goal. But the outcome of the game was decided in a penalty shoot-out: success or failure. Based on our today’s performance, I think, this season, Shakhtar will be able to prove themselves well. I have complete confidence in the guys.

- Is the composition of your team final, or you are planning to reinforce it?
- At this point I fully agree with the list of the players that we have. We are not going to change anything so far. Of course, it may happen that some of the guys will leave - then we might have to replace him. But we don’t even consider it yet.

- For you, this is the first official match. How important was it to start with a win?
- Basically, it is always good to win. But the outcome of today's game was decided just in the penalty shoot-out. In fact, of course, I really wanted to lift up the Super Cup over my head today. But I remain satisfied with what we have shown, and I believe in the future.

- What kind of system do you practise as a coach: tactics, strategy?
- I think you have managed to learn a little bit about my vision of football. We want to be a team who always dominate the game as, basically, it’s happened today: we controlled most of the game. We strive to defend as far away from our goal as possible, and be as close as possible to the opposing goal. But I cannot tell you too much. It may turn out that will tell you all the secrets then. I will just give you one piece of advice: over time you'll see everything, just wait for a short while.

- You are facing a serious test in the Champions League qualifying round, also in the Ukrainian League. We can already see some major changes, particularly in central defence. Are those changes consistent? Will this pairing of defenders become the main one?
- I have nothing to hide from you. It was just my choice. You must understand that we have had changes. I'm not saying whether they are playing better or worse than before, just differently, very differently. Today I’ve fielded those players who had better responded to my ideas. The players know that we will have no starting line-up that doesn’t change. I do not care if a player is young or he’s older, whether he is a Brazilian or a Ukrainian, married or single. Most importantly, they should well respond to my ideas and do what I demand of them. I am not even interested in his name, just as in his past. My team have only one star – that’s the team.

- Players joined the team at different times. Have they understood your requirements?
- It is clear that the players who have worked from the beginning, improved their performance a bit earlier and understood my playing style. But there are also those who have arrived the latest, but they have been fielded today. They already understood and absorbed what I wanted. But I agree, there are some others who arrived later and still have not grasped everything. That’s absolutely normal.

- First of all, I want to congratulate Paulo on Portugal winning the Euro 2016.
- Thanks a lot!

- The question is this: what do you make of Fred’s performance today, who looked a cut above the rest?
- To be honest, I do not like to highlight individual players. But I can say without any doubt that Fred could be a very important element in our team. He understands my requirements and will step it up more. I have no doubt that if Fred continues in the same vein, he will turn up in Brazil national team.