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Bernard: We want to start with a win

Wednesday, July 20, 2016



Shakhtar midfielder reflects on the upcoming match with Zirka

- Bernard, how is the team preparing for the start of the league?
- We want to start with a win, so we are set for a positive result only. Zirka are rookies of the Premier League. We need to give all our strength, because every point will be crucial for us this season. We hope to demonstrate good football.

- You have been making more appearances with the new coach...
- Yes. I am happy that I play more and I try to give it everything I got. Unfortunately, we lost the match against Dynamo. We really wanted to win the Super Cup. We must work harder to show good football in the Premier League.

- Bernard, you have not scored the penalty in the match against Dynamo. If there is another situation like this and you have to shoot from the spot, will you go for it?
- Of course. These things happen in football. Next time I will definitely take the penalty shot, because I think that no player should shy away from it, but has to work on becoming better all the time. After training, I stay behind and practice penalty kicks. I think next time I'll be ready.

- Zirka will play defensively. Do you have a recipe for playing against them?
- It is always hard to play the sides who just park the bus. We still have time to better explore Zirka. We must analyse the actions of their central defenders and fullbacks, as well as understand how we will deliver the ball into the opposing box.

- How important is Fred’s return onto the pitch?
- Fred is a very important player for Shakhtar, we were missing him. But whatever happened, happened. Fred was called up by Brazil national team to participate in the Olympics, but he never reached there. I think it's a good thing for us. Fred will stay with us, will be playing, I hope we’ll showcase some great performance with him. We need such players.