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Fonseca: We need to have the right mindset for the game

Wednesday, July 20, 2016



Shakhtar's head coach speaks on the upcoming start of the Ukrainian championship

- Paulo, how are Shakhtar preparing for the game against Zirka and what state are they in?
- We already looked at Zirka's pre-season friendlies. This team have confidently ascended to the Premier League and they will be full of enthusiasm. We are up for the first round. I'm confident that Zirka will be very motivated in a match against Shakhtar. I would like to note that it is a very compact team that plays more on counters. We need to have the right mindset to defeat Zirka. We do not think that this game will be easy for us, therefore, we have to be one hundred percent ready to win.

- There is not much information regarding Zirka. The team's pre-season games probably do not offer much scope for analysis...
- You are right on the whole, there is not much information. But we have tried to get as much as we can, made inquiries about Zirka to learn how they play. This will be enough for us to understand their style.

- Are there injuries in the team? Should we expect significant changes in the starting XI compared to the Super Cup game?
- There are no injuries except Shevchuk and Azevedo. There are some problems with Kudryk. The line-up will be very similar to the one in Super Cup, but there may be one or two changes.

- Paulo, you surprised everyone with the choice of the pair of central defenders for the Super Cup match - Ordets and Kryvtsov. You said that the line-up will be almost the same. That is, you are betting on the youth?
- We do not make any bets. I do not even pay attention to their names, the main thing is what they are doing! We have plenty of games ahead of us. I am sure that everyone will have an opportunity to play. Now I can say that I liked the dedication of these two centre-backs. Will they play in the next match? We'll see.