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Fonseca: We must operate as a team

Friday, July 22, 2016



The Pitmen’s head coach speaks about the league opener

- A good performance on our side. We quickly scored, controlled the game and showed good football. We netted four goals, but we could do even more, because we had numerous chances. We had enough quality chances, so I'm happy with today's game.

- The team have had the same line-up in two competitive games in a row. Can we conclude that you are counting on those eleven players?
- For today I am pleased with the line-up playing. We do not expect any major changes. It is clear that some performers may be replaced. But there won’t be any major changes at this point.

- What do you make of Ukraine?
- For now, I feel great in this country. I enjoyed a great welcome that makes me very happy. I feel fine both in the country and the team. The people are wonderful, I am happy with everything.

- Today, Bernard has scored. How did you manage to unlock his potential?
- Bernard is going through a very good period. I think it's because he works very hard. The other players also prove themselves well. I'm happy with that. Absolutely all the players understand that they should work for the team. We must operate as a team. Bernard, just like everyone else, understand that it’s the most important thing for us.

- Today, there were very few spectators. What do you think in this regard? Are you expecting any support in the European competitions?
- The match has taken place on Friday. Perhaps, the people didn’t really have time to come – that’s absolutely normal. This happens here, the same sometimes happens in Portugal. Again, this is normal. I am sure that the Champions League match will see a lot of fans to support us. Hopefully, we will attract even more fans through our performance. We will show quality football - that is what attracts people to such games. Today, as they say, they were few, but they were great.