Marlos: Young Boys are tactically strong team

Monday, July 25, 2016



Shakhtar midfielder reflects on the upcoming match against Young Boys

– Marlos, how did your role on the field change with the arrival of a new coach? And how much more comfortable is it speaking the same language?
– It's evident that we now have a period of great changes. It's absolutely understandable that some players have problems adapting. I can speak for myself and say that I am completely ready. The fact that Paulo speaks the same language is nice, but it is not only that - he is also a quite intelligent coach who can relate all his ideas and we understand him.

 Myron Markevych said that you and Taison are not opposed to the idea of playing for Ukraine. Will you play for the Ukrainian national team if such an offer is made?
– There is such a possibility. It's obvious that it's all complicated, because there are issues with citizenship, a lot of paperwork. I am 28 years old and at my age it is rather hard making such decisions. But again, such a possibility exists, and I'm thinking about it. If that happens, it will be my gift to the Ukrainian people for such a warm hospitality in their country. I will try to show my best.   

– After a good previous season there were a lot of transfer rumors mentioning your name. How does this information affect you and how much are you tied to Shakhtar?
– I had some offers and we took them into consideration. You understand that this is business, and such issues are resolved at a higher level. I'm currently happy in Shakhtar. This club gave me a lot, it gave me full support. I believe that by showing a good game last season, I could have played in a stronger league. But Shakhtar is a team that I love with all my heart, and I am absolutely happy here. 

 In your opinion, who is the most dangerous player in the Young Boys team? What did Paulo Fonseca say about the opponents?
We know that this is a highly skilled team, both technically and tactically. Young Boys line-up includes players who are doing a great job. There are also high-speed footballers. I am sure that the game won't be easy. But I hope that we will be able to show our best and advance to the next round.