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Fonseca: We dominated almost the entire match

Wednesday, July 27, 2016



Post-match press conference of the Shakhtar head coach

– It was a good game and we showed good football today. We did not allow the opponents to attack. In principle, we dominated for almost the entire match, except for the first ten minutes. It's a pity that we did not score more, though we created a lot of opportunities. Despite the fact, I am very satisfied with my team and the way the players acted.

– Good evening. Congratulations on the successful Champions League start. You said that you are dissatisfied with converting the chances. How will you improve this element?
– The most important thing is that we create those opportunities. Perhaps due to the work of the goalkeeper we did not manage it or we were flawed somewhere. I think that it is 100 percent evident that we are demonstrating attacking football, providing a lot of combinations in the penalty area of the opponents. This is what's really important.
– You made only two substitutes today. Was the third one unnecessary?
– I don't think the game demanded it. You should understand that there are no rules that make us use just three substitutions in each match. The players showed their best, so I decided not to do it.
– How do you assess Shakhtar chances of reaching the next stage after today's match?
– It's always good to be ahead and not to concede goals. This gives us an advantage before the return leg. At the same time I know how dangerous the Pitmen are at the home stadium. The return match is to be played in Switzerland with the support of the local Young Boys fans. In addition, the match will take place on the synthetic field, to which we are not accustomed. Clearly, the figures imply that we have a distinct advantage. But we should also take into account other factors.

– You mentioned the ten-minute interval in the first half, when the team could not come out of the defensive third for a long while. Have your opponents surprised you with anything?
– Young Boys had several corners and the team have been very dangerous in set play. I think that's why the first 10 minutes of the match took place close to our goal. After that everything went well and we controlled the game.
– Before Ievgen Seleznov's appearance you have explained a lot to him. In what language?
– Sometimes it is not that easy. We spoke in English. Seleznov understands and speaks some, I also do. But the most important word to have been said was 'goal'. And, as you can see, he understood it.
– Do you read reviews about your work in the Ukrainian media?
– I don't read anything. I can't. I hope in the future to learn a little bit of the Ukrainian to be able to understand what is written about me.
– At the end of the match, the whole team thanked the stadium, the fans, all the club's employees. Are you trying to create a family atmosphere in the team?
– Yes, I often think about it. I believe that we will be stronger if we act as a family. We truly need to thank the people for the support they provide us with. I want every single person who comes to the stadium and supports us to know that we really appreciate it. And we, in turn, want to be as close as possible to those who support us.
– Have you planned substituting Eduardo for Seleznov before the game? Or was it a consequence of Eduardo's lost opportunities?
– I never plan substitutions before the match. I think that only the game demands the player who is needed on the field. I felt that Seleznov might be important at the time, which is why I fielded him.