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Babych: Shakhtar are better prepared physically

Saturday, July 30, 2016



Post-match press conference of Chornomorets head coach Oleksandr Babych

– While we had strength, we seemed to have positioned ourselves well, and there was density. We understand that individual class of Shakhtar’s footballers is much higher. We did not want to open up. In the first half we closed off their flanks and it worked. We relied on counters and set play. After the half-time break, we were pinned to our penalty area, and we lacked strength and concentration to at least bring the match to 1-2 and take advantage of a counterattack or a set-piece. Their class prevailed and we now have a lot of work to do.

– Your guys have fought hard today to achieve the result, but where do you find the strength for the whole 90-odd minutes?
 – In this weather even I had a hard time standing. After the game, I thanked the guys. I told them that if they play with the same desire and commitment in the future, the results will come. I agree with you. Shakhtar are probably better prepared physically, they are stepping up their training. This is only the second match for us. I'm sure the team will gain in terms of fitness.

– Will we see the same Chornomorets as we today in the third round of the league?
– I set the team’s attitude for each match. Perhaps you have seen that we come to the right conclusions, we rotated the squad. The players who do not want to work without the ball do not appear in the starting lineup. We made three or four changes, and I think today the guys have worked well. I will try to reach out to them to ensure they keep the bar high in terms of dedication, formation, organization. Yes, we have a lot to work on regarding skills, we understand that. But playing in such weather, employing the reserves shows character. We understand that the third round will not be an easy one, but we believe that we will be active the whole 95 minutes of it.

– Can you comment on the situation with fireworks at the arena. Was it hard playing in such conditions?
– Imagine a footballer playing with a pulse of 180 in this weather: humidity, heat, and this smoke to boot. We asked the guys in the dressing room how they felt and we had some problems. For example, Kabayev was a little choked up and dizzy. These pyrotechnics, this smokescreen were definitely an obstruction. I also want to note that an episode in the first half went unnoticed. I hope that the relevant authorities will take a look at it. In the first half Bernard punched Tatarkov in the face. I think the spectators noticed. What will be the reaction? I think we will take a closer look at it. I wonder how it’s going to end.