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Kovalenko: Germany have their weaknesses

Saturday, June 4, 2016



Midfielder of Shakhtar and Ukraine national team commented on the match against Albania and spoke about the preparations for the Euro 2016 finals

- Viktor, what do you make of the encounter with Albanians?
- Good game. Albania have once again proved that they are not easy opponents. We were preparing for a serious encounter, because we should meet our objectives – to well prepare for the Euro finals.

- Which of the two friendly matches proved to be more difficult, according to you?
- I believe that it was still more difficult against Romania, since they are a stronger team. Fortunately, we managed to win two friendlies. So we are leaving for the competitive games in a good mood.

- How are you going to spend the remaining days before the European Championship?
- Today, those who played little or did not play at all in the match against Albania, have done a good amount of work in training. And it’s up to the coaching staff to decide how we will spend the rest of time. As early as June 7, we are going to France.

- How difficult will it be psychologically to start the competition against the world title holders?
- I would not say that’s difficult. On the contrary, the fact that the Euro competition kicks off with a game against the favourites is a big plus. It’s always easier to start against the stronger opponents. We have been carefully preparing for this meeting, we will try to show our best side.

- Do you think Germany have any weaknesses at all?
- Of course they do, every national team have those. In order to achieve a positive result, we need to play just our own game. I think that those will win who play better defensively.