Seleznyov: Fans’ support helps the team

Thursday, June 9, 2016



Shakhtar forward spoke about the preparation of Ukraine national team for the European Championship 2016 finals

- Yevhen, how are going the closing training days before the Euro?
- We train in a regular mode, play those half-field games. Moreover, we have analyzed the performance of Germany national team a few times. In general, we have been preparing for the important encounters properly. The guys are in a good mood, so all is well, we hope that this will last on.

- When mentioning  Germany, our national team players talk a lot about the fact that it is very important to play tight defensively in this clash. Will the attackers also have to play more defensively?
- Yes, that’s true. I believe that to achieve a positive result, the team must play well defensively. This concerns every third, including attacking one.

- Did you take into account the opponents’ injuries, including Rüdiger’s injury?
- This is not what we should think about and talk. Our own condition is more important for us. And then, everything will be clear on 12 June.

- Will the national team’s competition tactics change depending on the outcome of the match against Germany?
- To be honest, I would not like to get ahead of ourselves. We approach the first match with a good attitude, and we’d better talk about what happens next just after the game against the Germans, it is still too early now.

- There is a great stir around the Euro. Many fans even attend your training sessions. Do you already feel their support?
- Of course, we feel the support of our fans. I am sure that throughout the Euro, it will be at a high level. Of course, it helps our team a lot. Thanks to everyone for that.

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