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Pyatov: suspense lasted until the last minute

Monday, June 13, 2016



Comment by the goalkeeper of Shakhtar and Ukraine national team broadcasted by Futbol 1 channel after the match against Germany

- Andriy, what is your first impression of the encounter? The 0-2 scoreline is not exactly what was supposed to be based on the performance?
- There were chances, but we could take the lead from the off, as well as to equalise. But this is football. Against such top sides, we seem to succeed performance wise, but with no result. But you know that always remember just the result.

- You made a few brilliant saves today, but Neuer had no less work to do...
- Saves ... Well, it’s good that they did not score, with the suspense lasting until the last minute. But I would like lady luck to shine on us either.

- You conceded a set piece goal, which ultimately decided everything. What happened in that episode, who just underperformed?
- I don’t know, I will not say anything now. I want to review that episode, only then I can say.

- In the second half, the team has changed significantly. The first half ended with positive emotions, but after the break you just gave the ball away.
- The break helped them, somehow reassuring us. Probably, their coach made some adjustments, there had been some changes. On 70-80 minutes, it was already evident that we were affected by fatigue. Still, it’s harder to run without the ball, we got somewhat tired.

- Did our national team have a reserve to step it up?
- Basically, up to the last minute we had a chance, at least some chances, not just clearcut, but we had some. You could get more out of it, but we just missed a counterattack as a result.

- What was your last emotion when leaving the pitch?
- Of course, it was frustration. Even in the game against such team we deserved a positive result.

- What is the attitude to the next two matches?
- It is necessary to analyse it, to forget the game. We’ve got two games left, we need to get maximum points.