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Bernard: Everything has changed

Wednesday, June 15, 2016



Shakhtar midfielder told us about his vacation and the first training sessions

- How was your vacation? Is it difficult to do some intense training twice a day after the holidays?
- It was okay, but, unfortunately, it was short. I’ve seen my family and friends – that’s the most important thing. In general, I had enough time to rest and be fully ready for the season. They always tells us that we should not forget to keep fit even during holidays. But even with this in mind, to be honest, the first few days are very tough.

- The team have a new head coach now. What has changed in your training?
- Basically, everything has changed. Paulo Fonseca thinks quite differently, that’s a completely new training. We need to stay focused in order to understand his logic as quickly as possible. Then we’ll be able to showcase great football.

- What does Paulo Fonseca requires you to do at this stage?
- A different tactic both defensively and offensively. He wants our commitment to be just one hundred percent. Therefore, we must be attentive to understand the ideas that the coach wants to convey to us.