Intensity increases

Wednesday, June 15, 2016



The second busy training day is over

The team have been training twice a day now. This time, the morning session lasted two and a half hours. During that time, Shakhtar players not only did some running exercises, but also worked a lot on tactics.

- We are getting used to the demands of the new head coach so far, - said Shakhtar striker Andriy Totovytskyi. - Paulo Fonseca gradually instils his vision into us. Meanwhile, our objective is to gain insight into the process as quickly as possible. With regard to training sessions, they are long and very intense. Besides, we exercise a lot tactically.

After having lunch and a short rest, Shakhtar head coach Paulo Fonseca gathered the players on the field again. The session was equally intense, with the team focusing more on handling the ball though. Still, Marcio Azevedo and Vasyl Kobin were not with the general group as they followed the individual training programme.

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