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Tiago Leal: at Shakhtar, it's necessary to win titles

Friday, June 17, 2016



Shakhtar assistant coach told us about the peculiarities of his work at the club

- What is your role on Paulo Fonseca’s coaching staff? What are your responsibilities?
- I am an assistant coach working on the pitch, besides, I do the team’s performance analysis with the help of videos. I also coordinate the club’s Research & Analysis Group.

- In football lately, they have been using a lot of technical innovations associated with this kind of work. What do you have in this regard?
- Our analysis is not that much linked to certain figures, we do not need any special technology for making calculations. We are primarily interested in the qualitative aspect of training, and we can see it clearly. Therefore, we have a tradition of shooting absolutely all training sessions and games, in order to edit it and show the key things to the players. This way, they will be able to understand what is right and what’s wrong according to our vision. In other words, the players will assess what certain individual situations are like to the onlookers.
We are proud to have received an offer from Shakhtar, the club with big history
Training session videography is a new practice for Ukraine. What about Portugal?
- They use it in our country just as in the top European leagues: Italian, English, Spanish. Also, the top teams widely use analysis of the performance quality based on images. The same applies to training sessions, because we model situations in training and then use them in our games.

- How did you react to the invitation by Shakhtar?
- We are all very happy as it means that our previous work is appreciated. We are proud to have received an offer from Shakhtar, the club with big history.

- What would you like to achieve with the Donetsk team?
- In all the teams we work for, we adhere to the principle of trying to win every game, just like that from match to match. I am confident that this approach will lead to winning trophies. We are well aware that it is necessary to win titles at Shakhtar.