Antonio Ferreira: Champions League is any coach’s dream

Sunday, June 19, 2016



Shakhtar goalkeeping coach gave details of his duties at the club

- What are your responsibilities?
- When you train goalkeepers, you shouldn’t divide your team into two groups: outfield players and goalkeepers. We always try to interact, and everyone should understand the whole team’s performance – that’s very important. It is necessary to see what happens in training and during matches in order to convey full information to the goalies then. Nowadays, a goalkeeper not only guards the goal, but also starts his side’s attacking play.

- What do you think a perfect goalkeeper should be like?
- The one who doesn’t concede any goals and helps to score them. Of course, the ideal does not exist, but we must strive for it. A role model for us is the one who interacts with the teammates, as banal as it may sound. Our ideas do not change radically, but every time the opponents analyse our play, so we need to look for something new.
- You have not worked with Pyatov yet. Do you keep an eye on his European Championship performance? What do you think about Shakhtar goalkeepers?
- I  have a general idea about Andriy, because he’s been playing in the Champions League for many years now. I can also assess Kanibolotskyi’s performance. I also watched Kudryk in the UEFA Youth League final. I cannot say anything about Sarnavskyi, because I didn’t see much of him. But I tried to explore his potential and capabilities.

- Many young goalkeepers say that they would like to be like Manuel Neuer...
- Good example. Basically, Manuel has a lot of positive qualities. But I think he’s too risky at times. The most important thing is playing behind the penalty area. I do not know what level Ukrainian football is, but I can talk about Portugal: now everything is different from the situation in the past. It’s the goalkeepers who needed more time to adapt to the modern style of play. We try to bring new ideas and make them understandable for all. We always need to grow and progress, and not to train based on the outdated methods. Therefore, game analysis is very important to us. We must understand what difficulties we may encounter. For example in the past, goalies paid much attention to jumping and falling-down exercises. At the same time, almost never they worked on orchestrating attacking moves, as well as foot performance. It is necessary that all the players are ready for any surprises that might happen on the field.
We try to bring new ideas and make them understandable for all. We always need to grow and progress, and not to train based on the outdated methods
- How did you react to the proposal to work at Shakhtar?
- I accepted it with great joy. Shakhtar is a huge club who literally enchanted us. Besides, Ukraine is a country with a totally different culture. And finally, we can play in the Champions League. That’s any coach’s dream.
- What would you like to achieve in your career?
- I have a lot of goals, but I don’t have any big dream. As a coach, of course, I would like to take part in the Champions League final and win it. Some people dream about playing at the World Cup and winning it, but I don’t feel like that. Currently, my nearest goal is lifting the Ukrainian Super Cup. After that, I will have the desire to win the domestic league title and cup. I feel that we will be able to fulfil everything. I want our results to prove that. I hate to lose, but I know how to accept defeats.