Kanibolotskyi: We have time to rediscover our form

Wednesday, June 22, 2016



Shakhtar goalkeeper told us about the preparation for the season

- Anton, how do you find working with the new coaching staff?
- With each training session, we learn many new things. We are gradually getting back on track, as those were only the first days. We are adapting to it now, so it will be easier.

- What does the goalkeeping coach Antonio Ferreira demand of you?
- At the moment, I can put it this way – we have been doing some individual work. We always start our training session with Antonio, we warm up. He tries to conduct every training session in a new way. It is very interesting to work in such a format. Antonio got fully engaged in studying the Russian language, he makes good progress. I think that in a month he will speak the language, so our understanding will be even better. Currently, we basically communicate in English. I help Bohdan and Oleh with the translation. In this regard, we have no problems.
- What do you make of your current form?
The training camp has just begun. We still have time to rediscover our form. Even more so, as we have the conditions for some quality training here. It’s good that everything is nearby, we do not spend time on trips. The location is excellent.

- Today, Shakhtar are to play their first training camp game. What task do the coaching staff set for the game?
- Our main task is trying to fulfil all the plans conveyed to us by the coaches, as well as complying with the defensive performance principles. We must feel the teamwork.