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Kryventsov: We will fight for the gold medals

Wednesday, June 22, 2016



In his interview to shakhtar.com, the mentor of Shakhtar U21 spoke about the team’s training plans and objectives for the upcoming season

- I was back from my vacation on June 20, - said Valeriy Kryventsov. - Our coaching staff was presented to the team. Yevhen Kotov, as a former defender, will be responsible for defensive performance. The goalkeeping coach is Dmytro Shutkov. The talent scout is Oleh Matveev. And, of course, I cannot but mention the true legend of our club Volodymyr Rashevskyi, who has been entrusted with the players’ fitness training. At this meeting, we immediately identified our goals and objectives for the season. We tested the players, determined their fitness and level of endurance. By doing so, we received information about the necessary workloads .

- What are the goals and objectives you set for Shakhtar U21?
- The top of the pyramid is preparing players for the first team. Naturally, we will fight for the gold medals, but the result, in my coaching vision, should depend on the set performance. Of course, the players’ sporting growth is also important. I think that in order to succeed, it is necessary to maintain a friendly atmosphere in the team and constantly bring in some positive emotions. I'm sure it will help the boys reach a new level and show all of their best qualities at Shakhtar.

- What will be the training camp specifics?
- From the full list of players, we will select those to be relied upon in the future. We know many guys, getting acquainted with the rest in the course of it. Until July 2 we will train twice a day: in the morning – cross-country running, in the evening – gym or aerobics, so we focus on fitness and coordination of the players. Besides, we will work on the pitch, as well as conduct theory sessions, in which we will convey our principles to the team and talk about our game model. The first phase of the training camp will be concluded with a game within one half of the pitch. On 4 July, we will begin the second stage, in which we plan to conduct at least six friendly meetings. We will try to find strong opponents. It is possible that they will be from the First League, where there are a lot of strong and quality teams. It is important that we have the opponents who put a lot of pressure on the team, for us to get a clear idea of ​​who on our team is capable of what. After July 15, we will switch to a weekly cycle and focus on the first league game against Kirovohrad-based Zirka.