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Dentinho: I've always liked to play offensively

Friday, June 24, 2016



Shakhtar forward told us about the training camp in the Netherlands

- Dentinho, how is preparation for the season going?
- Training sessions changed drastically. Primarily, the performance’s tactical side did. We operate very differently both defensively and offensively. I am sure that we will approach the competitive games in great shape and will be ready to win.

- After training, you were talking to Paulo Fonseca for a long while. What were you talking about?
- We discussed the European and Brazilian football. We compared the strengths and weaknesses. We said that the Brazilians play in a more relaxed manner, while the Europeans’ performance on the pitch is based on tactics.

- Previously, you appeared in the holding midfielder role. Paulo Fonseca brought you back to attacking third. Where do you find it more comfortable to play?
- I always liked to play either offensively or as a winger. When we didn’t have Fred, I had to play as a defensive midfielder. But not everything depends on my desires. I am a team player and must comply with all the requirements of the head coach. I am happy to currently operate in the role I really enjoy.