Malyshev: the team is extremely disciplined

Saturday, June 25, 2016



The Shakhtar midfielder took part in a live Q&A with the fans on the club's Facebook page. We offer you the most interesting parts of the conversation

- Maksym, what are the differences between the practices of Lucescu and Fonseca?
- The demands and requirements are quite different. Right now we need to listen to the coach closely, grasp his ideas and do what he envisions for our team. I believe we will manage to succeed with time. We will understand the new coach's philosophy and provide good results.

- Is it difficult switching to the 4-4-2 formation?
- Quite difficult. We have been playing based on one tactical formation, and now it is a little different. The requirements changed. Previously, there were three of us in the middle of the pitch and we did a great amount of work. With the 4-4-2, two midfielders are in the centre, and two are on the flanks. We need to act tightly to ensure that there is no discontinuity. The coach explains how to act and how to move every day. And every day we get better. The players are interested in trying something new - that is how we grow.

- How did the team discipline change with Paulo Fonseca?
- The team is extremely disciplined. The coach pays a lot of attention to it and demands us to be composed both during training sessions and off the pitch.

- Who brought you into football?
- A family friend. At first we were playing in the yard, and then he talked to my mother and took me to Shakhtar's boarding school. Me and my friend were selected, the coach liked us and we began our training. I have been with the team since I was seven. My first teacher was Petro Ponomarenko. Unfortunately, he passed away. He was a great man and a great coach, and I am glad that I had him for a mentor.

- Did you have a favourite player?
- Frank Lampard, who played the same position that I do. I think he is one of the most accomplished footballers. He is versatile and mobile: he can play defence, attack, score and be of great value to the team.

- Who would you say are the role models in modern football?
- I would single out Kroos, Modric and Busquets. They have been playing at the highest level for many seasons, and their clubs always win trophies.

- What is the football dream you strain after?
- Becoming a great footballer and winning the Champions League. All that remains is to do it, so that it comes true.

- Do you fear competition with Fred for a place on the starting XI?
- No, why be afraid? This is football. Everything depends on me - I need to play well and help the team. I don't think this is a problem. We will just make each other stronger.

- Describe your feelings when you beat Dynamo 3-0 in both rounds.
- Amazing! Beating Dynamo is always a matter of principle and it always feels good. Last season we won twice with that score. Everyone was extremely happy. It's a pity that we gave up the championship due to our own mistakes. Face-to-face matches showed everything.

- If you were offered a transfer to Dnipro or Dynamo with a much higher salary contract, would you agree?
- No. The salary does not matter. I would definitely not go to Dynamo. It is a good club, but I cannot imagine myself there. I was born and grew up in Donetsk. I have been with Shakhtar since early childhood. I love this club, and it is the only club important to me. I'm ready to play here all my life, appear more than anyone else, score goals and win silverware. That is what I want, but I need to prove it on the field.

- Name three of the most skilful and fastest players of Shakhtar.
- Everyone here is good. But if I were to name three it would be Marlos, Tison and Bernard.

- How do you spend your free time at the training camp?
- After dinner, we play table tennis. We have some serious competitions! So leisure is good and beneficial - it is exciting and has a positive effect on the mood.

- Do you keep a sports diet? Is there anything sweet that you cannot resist?
- I love sweets very much! Unfortunately, football does not allow me to indulge too much. I can eat a piece of the mille-feuille, and then take a break to eat fruits and vegetables. By the way, with the new coach the sweets ration has been cut down a little. But on the whole, the menu has remained practically unchanged.

- What feelings did you experience when your returned to your hometown?
- These feelings are beyond words. They tear me up inside. I went there for the first time since this whole situation started in winter. I drove through familiar streets and avenues of Donetsk - indescribable emotions! I miss it very much. It is hard without a home. We are living in Kyiv now, but what I wouldn't give to go back to Donetsk. I don't think I'm alone in this. I hope that it will soon happen. It is hard without a home: I terribly miss my family, friends, people I grew up with... I also went to Donetsk in summer! Nothing can replace your own home. It is a place where you can relax and feel at peace, even in the conditions that exist now. Yes, there is war and shooting, but home is home.

- We saw your photos near the Donbass Arena on social networks...
- I came home! I posted pictures in winter and in summer. When I go again, I will post more! This is my home. I miss it and I love it.

- What do you think about the fact that you were not called to play for the national team in the Euro? Do you think you could strengthen the team in this tournament?
- It is difficult to talk about it and I don't really want to. I went to the national team with big aims and hopes to do some good in it. I probably deserved it with my performance for the club. But that is what happened, it was the coach's decision. I think I left the national team not because of bad play. It was painful and unpleasant, but it is what it is. I accepted it and moved on.

- Which team do you now support in the Euro 2016?
- Croatia. They have good chances. Dario is playing there - I wish him good luck and to advance as far as possible, or even win the tournament! I would also highlight Spain. It will be hard for them, but if they get past the Italians, they are very likely to win the European Championship.