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Shakhtar in the Netherlands: rain-sodden De Lutte

Saturday, June 25, 2016



The weather in De Lutte has changed. It became noticeably colder and there is an incessant rain

The Pitmen started the morning of June 25 with fitness exercises. The players were divided into groups - some cycled in the spinning room, while others were doing strength training under the supervision of Pedro Moreira and Miguel Cardoso. Then the team moved to the pitch to work with the ball. Kobin, Taison and Ordets had a separate training regimen.

"The back of my upper leg hurts a bit, so I am not training with the rest of the team so far," Shakhtar defender Ivan Ordets said. "I have a minor myospasm due to the load. I think I will go back to the general group by tomorrow night. On the whole, the training camp is going great. We have interesting training sessions. We are working on the quality of the defence play a lot. Paulo Fonseca explains how to move properly, which areas to cover, what to do to avoid gaps between the lines. If we do not make mistakes in defence, we will always have an advantage in attacks. We have a very strong offensive line. Plus, the team like to keep possession. We understand the coach more and more with each passing day. Now we will be getting into shape through friendly games."

Paulo Fonseca set the evening workout session for 6 p.m.

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