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Ismaily: I played in Portugal

Sunday, June 26, 2016



Shakhtar defender described how Shakhtar have been spending their training camp in the Netherlands

- How is the team's preparation going?
- We work very effectively. Paulo Fonseca is trying to pass to us all his knowledge so that we understand how to act in different game situations.

- It is difficult to adapt to the new requirements?
- Basically, it’s easy for me. I've already played in Portugal and understand more or less what football Paulo Fonseca is going to instil in us here. Now we have switched to a new 4-4-2 formation. We put major emphasis on defence. For me, there have been no complications. Besides, we speak the same language with the coach.

- Is the approach to the training process any different from what you had at Braga?
- There are some exercises similar to the ones we did at Braga. But in general, it’s been different. Because every coach has his own working methods.

- Did you have similar workloads before?
- The loads are approximately the same. It’s just about a little higher intensity and longer training time. But I think that, on the contrary, is good. We will be fully prepared by the new season.