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Volovyk: In Belgium, nearly everyone plays on top

Wednesday, June 29, 2016



Shakhtar defender speaks about the training camp and the upcoming friendlies

- You spent last season at Leuven. Did you happen to play against Gent and Brugge?
- I didn’t play against Brugge due to injury. And we suffered a home defeat at Gent. I think we are facing a tough encounter with them.

- What are Gent like?
- I don’t know the current situation, because they also have a training camp and might have some new players. Against Leuven they used one tactic, while against Shakhtar they might operate differently. Gent must show some attacking football though. They have control of the ball and launch blistering attacks. In the Belgian league, virtually everyone tries to play on top. Including us, as we were fighting for survival, almost never playing as underdogs.

- How would you describe the Belgian league?
- In Belgium, there are ten clubs, who give each other a fight. Sometimes, the bottom sides confidently beat the giants. Their league is unpredictable. They really love football in Belgium. They told me at Leuven that some 80-85 per cent of the season tickets had been sold. They have a stadium with one big stand, but for the next season they were planning to build a similar one on the opposite side.