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Serhiy Rebrov: I'll take the blame

Monday, May 2, 2016



Press conference by Dynamo mentor

- First of all, I need to extend my Easter greetings to everyone – that’s a great holiday. The fact that we played on that day is really a sign. The encounter is difficult to comment on. Generally, it is difficult to find the motivation for the guys, although any meeting with Shakhtar is the motivation itself. I do not want to blame anyone. Probably my fault is that I didn’t notice some guys to have no motivation. But that’s OK, we became champions three rounds away from the season end, and we are doubly honoured to claim the domestic title against the team who have beaten us twice. Of course, it was not easy. Last week we finished the league season, having parties, marking birthdays. The boys relaxed, and that’s absolutely normal. Now, perhaps, they will realize that they have done something wrong. But once again: we have lost a series. Of course, I'll take the blame. I want to repeat again that we are doubly honoured to have won the league title three rounds before the season end.

- Don’t you think that the parties could be postponed until the match against Zaporizhya-based Metalurh, which will never take place?
- I cannot just cancel it if the guys were going to claim the championship for as long as a year. Believe me, it’s not easy to compete against Shakhtar and become the champions in advance. I cannot tell the guys to stay at home and not go out anywhere. Perhaps they were overwhelmed with some feelings. I am glad that we have really become the winners early. This game has been a formality. And it’s not just about us. Today, Shakhtar, in spite of the 3-0 win,  have probably given rest to many of its top players.

- So you are not surprised that the second team of Shakhtar today, roughly speaking, have just thrashed you?
- I actually am surprised.

- We either.
- Great.

- It’s not the first match between Shakhtar and Dynamo that has ended in such a conflict. Can you explain what happened on the field? Did you tell the players that they must have held their emotions at bay?

- Oh sure. I have seen how important is every match against Shakhtar, with clashes just in any game. Probably, not very well behaved the Shakhtar player who ran up to our stand and showed Shakhtar crest. Of course, he triggered it in the first place. What happened next was disgusting. Unfortunately, the players of both teams were bursting with emotions.

- Yarmolenko, just like Stepanenko, will probably get some major suspension for his misdeed. How many matches does he deserve, according to you?
- I don’t really care at the moment about the number of games he deserves.