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Facundo Ferreyra: Sevilla will attack in front of home stands

Tuesday, May 3, 2016



Shakhtar forward shared his expectations ahead of the UEFA Europa League semi-final return leg

- Facundo, just one step separates Shakhtar from the Europa League final. Do you consider the upcoming meeting the most important in your career?
- Yes, I do. Without a doubt. This game is really the most important in my career.

- The match in Lviv has shown that Sevilla’s defence is not flawless. How should act to rip it open?
- Just the way we did in the first half! We should have done so consistently. We had opportunities to score after the goal by Stepanenko. We launched counterattacks, but failed to conclude them: on some occasions we made the last pass errors, on the others there were mistakes in the movement. That’s the style of play which causes difficulties for Sevilla. And we must not allow them to take the ball. The opponents have some technical and fast players boasting a very good passing.

- In the second half, the opponents felt more freedom in midfield. Why?
- We could not put pressure on the opponents in the same manner as we did in the first half. Plus Ever Banega really made a difference: received the ball, distributed passes... He passed it to Vitolo in the spot kick situation. Banega significantly changed the game.

- Did Krohn-Delhi’s injury affect you psychologically? As you've been involved in that episode.
- It was a very strange situation. I was about to play the ball, and then I saw the opponent, scream and clutch his knee. In the first few seconds, I did not even realize what happened. But it actually was the worst thing that could happen to a football player. Krohn-Delhi got seriously injured. I began to worry: the first impression was that it was my fault. But then I watched the replay and realized that he got injured on his own, just an accident. Hopefully, he gets well soon. I wish Krohn-Delhi a speedy recovery.

- You speak Spanish, just as many of the opponents do. Did you hear occasionally on the pitch what they prompted to each other, did you understand their moves and tactical changes?
- Very little, actually. Sevilla also have many foreigners. For the most part, I heard some French and English. But their captain often spoke Spanish – I heard him and Banega. However, just occasionally, because I was focused on the game... To be honest, the night after the match I was not able to sleep. I was nervous. In the spot kick, they were very fast to play the ball. There was next to no time for reflection, everything happened just instinctively. Mister always says that we mustn’t make tackles in the box. I thought that Vitolo would surely cross or deliver it... It wasn’t quite clear whether I touched his foot, but it seemed to me that I still did it. The ref pointed to the spot. God bless that I have the opportunity to play in the second leg, and that we return the favour to them.

- In Lviv, in the first half, Sevilla have largely defended, attacking more in the second. What kind of performance do you expect from the Spaniards on Thursday?
- I think the match in Seville will not be much different from the one in Lviv. But this time, the opponents will play at home. In any case, the Spanish side will have to charge forward and expose themselves in front of the home stands. At the same time, it would be nice if they leave us some space for counterattacks. We will also need to attack, because the draw is not our option. We must score.