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Adil Rami: We must give our one hundred percent

Wednesday, May 4, 2016



Sevilla defender talks about the upcoming game against Shakhtar

- We are working very seriously ahead of the match. We know that we have the only chance. As a Sevilla player, I will do my best to win.

- Sevilla are facing another semi-final. Tell me more about your preparation for the match?
- Of course, that’s a bit different encounter... As you know, we always work very hard. We perfectly understand how important this match is. Tomorrow, we must give our one hundred percent. We know that the performance level of our opponents is very high.

- What are you most worried about in the team?
- We worked seriously and hard before this match. We treat our opponents with great respect. Shakhtar players are top class. We are well aware of their strong counterattacks. So I want to repeat once again: we understand that the match will be very difficult. In the first half of the previous meeting the opponents largely surprised us. For example, Taison, who tried to prove himself on the pitch in the best way possible. We are working on it. We will stick to our game and the opponents, of course, will stick to theirs. We will make every effort to win this match.

- Talking about defensive and attacking performance in trainings, aren’t you serious enough about this encounter?
- No, we are not, Shakhtar are very serious opponents! Of course, we can’t keep an eye on every nuance of the game, but it’s very important for us to be cohesive.

- Did you have any special training? Will luck play a big role?
- We always, in any case, give our one hundred percent.

- Can you see yourself in the final, do you think about it?
- Now we are going through a great and important moment. Of course, we would like to once again reach the final. Throughout the season, we have been showcasing quite good football, playing well in the Europa League. I always look forward to the future. That's important to me. I will try to do my best to make our dream of reaching the final turn into reality, and I hope to win something. I know that Shakhtar players are well prepared physically and technically. We are facing a game of the top-notch level, so that's no surprise to me.