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Andriy Vorobei: Sevilla will dominate, which is advantageous to Shakhtar

Wednesday, May 4, 2016



Shakhtar forward back in 1997-2007 shared his expectations ahead of the team’s UEFA Europa League semi-final return leg

- Of course, I expect good results from our team. Not every year we reach this stage of the competition, so I want to see our guys in the final. It will be difficult, but still I’m confident that the teams will please the fans with excellent performance.

- Given the outcome in Lviv, will it be necessary for Donetsk to play on top?
- Hardly. Sevilla is not the club who would give away their advantage, especially at home. They will dominate themselves. But, by and large, that’s advantageous to the Pitmen. Lately, the charges of Mircea Lucescu successfully play counter-attacking football.

- Sevilla play much better at home than away. Should we expect from the Spaniards the kind of football which is completely different from the performance in Lviv?
- No, I don’t think so. They will still keep in mind the outcome of the first leg, so they will also focus on preventing any goals. Athletic in the current Europa League edition, for example, beat Sevilla 2-1 in normal time. The Bilbao team lost just in the penalty shootout later. Therefore, we can play against anyone. I wouldn’t say that we face some really formidable opponents. Sevilla have their weak areas.

- Regarding the weak areas: football experts say that the Spaniards play much better offensively than defensively. Is it true according to you? And, in this regard, how should Shakhtar build their game?
- While our team put pressure on the opponents in the latter’s half, Sevilla made some major errors. But in the second half, Shakhtar did not play so actively, with the Spaniards seizing the initiative. So the pressure will make the Spaniards make mistakes. Their defence is not that reliable. We have seen that in Lviv, the Pitmen had the opportunity to score more goals.