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Unai Emery: We felt encouraged

Friday, May 6, 2016



Sevilla coach reflects on the match against Shakhtar

- In the two semi-finals you had different moments, but today your team have played just a wonderful second half.
- Those moments have both their advantages and disadvantages. The first thing I want to note our opponents, as we knew them very well. I liked the fact that the team fought in both matches. It was difficult, but we overcame all the difficulties both in the first game and in the return one. Shakhtar are very serious opponents. They manage to counterattack. But I can say that in the second half, we felt more comfortable. There was less movement and counterattacks near the goal. And the goal scored has helped us a lot - we felt strong and inspired.

- Did you think about Sevilla’s achievements during these three years? Could you assess your future opponents for the final - Liverpool.
- We didn’t particularly think about that. Today was an important, a special match for us. We felt encouraged. Time stood still, and we enjoyed the moment... Our current priority is the La Liga games. And all the dreams associated with the Europa League, were accumulated before today's meeting... We understood that this day was landmark. I think that enthusiasm helped us the most, because all the players want to play in the Europa League Final again. Liverpool are very serious contenders. This is a team with their own history. I think that this final will be very important for us.

- What’s your take on Gameiro’s performance, I mean his participation in scoring the two goals and his defensive performance.
- Over the past three and a half years, Sevilla have fully changed the situation. We needed to take control of the situation and shatter just everything. At the same time let's not forget what football is. We must continue to be very demanding towards ourselves, to enjoy such great moments. Including the players, who continue to grow and to understand what Sevilla is. This growth is mutual: the team are growing for as long as the footballers do.

- It seems that Sevilla transform again in the current Europa League. Do you think the team can be considered favourites in the upcoming final?
- In order for them to call us favourites, we must do numerous things. I do not think we are favourites, so it would be unfair to claim it.

- Gameiro after two goals is back to the top scorers race. Do you think he is already out of the crisis?
- I think that all his best qualities just improved recently. He has always had them - ever since the PSG times, when we signed him up. I clearly remember that in the first six months of my stay here, after Negredo’s departure, we talked about the fact that we needed strikers who would grow together with the team. The two forwards that we have acquired, have become our main weapon. They are an integral part of the team.

- Who would you like to dedicate this advancement to the final?: your fans, your family or the city?
- I think, to everyone. To all of us, this match was very important. But first of all, I would like to dedicate those wins to the . Preparation to such matches is so demanding that players get injured, even though we try to avoid it. Therefore, I wish thatAndreolliReyes and Krohn-Delhi recover asap. Cristoforo is with us, though he’s missed six months.

- Have you been to the dressing room? What is happening there?
- The players know that we spend very much time to study the opponent. That’s the basis of our way. But they also know that when comes the time to relax, they can relax, spend time with their families, enjoy those moments. Of course, they are very happy now. No other way around, as they play in the final.