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Eduardo: Matches vs Karpaty are always tough

Saturday, May 7, 2016



Shakhtar forward speaks ahead of the upcoming meetings with Karpaty and Oleksandriya

- Shakhtar are facing some tough games against Karpaty and Oleksandriya. What is the situation in the team and what’s the attitude to the cup game?
- Encounters with Karpaty are always tough for us. But I think we will get prepared for it, produce some great performance and earn three points to prepare for the meeting with Oleksandriya in a good mood.

- That is, you view the meeting with Karpaty as a preparation for the match with Oleksandriya?
- You could say that. Still, we shouldn’t underestimate the opponents. We need to go step by step. First, we need to turn in a good performance against Karpaty, and then we will prepare for Oleksandriya. The cup semi-final is very important for us.

 - Karpaty have changed the coach. How much has their performance changed, and what kind of match do you expect?
- Regardless of the coach, any team in the game against us are trying to show their strength, being largely aggressive. We, in turn, must try to beat them through our skill and football strategy.

- Arena Lviv has become the home ground both for Karpaty and Shakhtar. Who will be more of a host in this game?
- This is my first playing year in Lviv, that’s still new to me. I would put it like this: we feel at home in Lviv only when playing the European club cup games. The fans fill up the stands, we feel their support. When we play the league and Cup games, we don’t feel at home at all. Indicative in this regard was our recent match against Dynamo, when almost the whole stadium supported Kyiv. Without a doubt, Karpaty will feel at home.

- Karpaty are Dynamo’s friends. Can you admit that Lviv would want to take revenge for your defeating Kyiv?
- To be honest, the upcoming match can even hardly be called competitive. We perceive it more as a friendly. Of course, both teams will want to earn the three points in order to feel better before the following encounters. Of course, we will try to win.

- The team’s season has been long. You featured in three competitions, reaching far in the Europa League. Are you physically tired or, on the contrary, feel fit in connection with scoring many goals recently?
- Just as the whole team, I feel absolutely fine. Yes, we played many games in numerous competitions. More specifically, we had about 50 games or even more. But, despite that, we got used to our work. European giants play twice as many games, so we feel just fine. Of course, we are upset, even slightly angered by our continuous flights. That’s very tiring.